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Oliver Richard Improvised Live Music Yoga Class 2016, Aberdeen

Unusual gig coming up. I am playing live, improvised music during two yoga workshops led by Luna Anderson. We have vaguely known each other for years, but only recently kindled a proper friendship via email, precipitated by the Kanye West lyric: “If you admire someone then you should go tell ’em/people never get the flowers whilst they can still smell ’em”.

For both workshops, Luna will guide the class through a series of postures that flow into each other. The transitioning movement between yoga postures is often called Vinyasa (hence Dynamic Vinyasa). During this, I will be feeding off the energy and rhythm of the class to improvise music using my electric guitar, loops and drones. I won’t be performing ‘songs’, instead I will be creating atmospheres and textures that complement the feel of the practice and hopefully heighten the yogis’ experience.

The workshops are open to all; previous experience is not important. Beginners can sit back and enjoy the music whenever they like. More experienced yogis can follow Luna’s lead and allow the music to become another element of their practice. If you are unsure, I would recommend the ‘Dynamic Vinyasa’ for those seeking a more invigorating, energetic experience, and the Restorative Flow for those seeking a more mellow, slower moving class.

This is a donation based event. Any money gathered will go directly to Friends of Anchor, a charity geared to improve cancer and haematology treatment in the North East of Scotland.

The event will be held at Love Yoga, Aberdeen:


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