Cutting his teeth on garage bands, piano strings and chamber orchestras, Oliver Richard now fuses bipolar electric guitar with angelic vocals, fat synths and tripped out percussion to create a one man wall of sound. 

In 2013, Oliver’s First Take Cover Sessions (five YouTube covers) won the attention of Grimtale Records (USA). They released his debut single on 7” vinyl, and featured two further recordings on a 2014 cassette-only sampler album.

In 2016, the “White Finger” E.P. was released on 10″ vinyl, and after a year of live shows, was followed in 2018 by a second 7″ single, “Hungry“. Soon after, Oliver’s song  “Approach Me Like A Lion” was chosen by David-Bowie-producer Tony Visconti as winner of a global songwriting competition. This became the B-side to his 2019 7″ single “They Don’t Deserve Me”. 

Come 2020, and Oliver’s fourth single “Fierce Ghosts” was released, featuring Craig John Davidson on guest vocals / guitar, and a total remix by Dr Creamy Lips for the B-side.

In 2021 during a UK tour, Nick Cave recognised Oliver from his cover of the Grinderman song “Star Charmer”. Cave highly praised the rendition; it was subsequently shared on his wife’s website www.thevampireswife.com