Dear all, I am delighted to announce the forthcoming release of my new single They Don’t Deserve Me, due out on the 13th of October.

Oliver Richard They Don't Deserve Me 7" Single
They Don’t Deserve Me 7″ Single

Having rattled round my back catalogue for a few years (at one point it was titled Slow WormThey Don’t Deserve Me will now be given the platform it is owed. Once upon a time this song was nothing but acid thrown in the face of my perceived detractors, but thankfully due to a long maturation process, TDDM has developed a far more ambiguous tone. Locked over a disco groove, it dangerously toes the line between healthy self-respect and egomaniacal self-adoration. Is it vulgar hubris, or is it safely tongue in cheek? Whatever it is, it’s a lot of fun, with a hypnotic midnight atmosphere reflecting the swagger of the lyric-writing. In a culture drowning in social anxiety and charisma-constipation, They Don’t Deserve Me reminds us that we must above all things love ourselves, embrace our contradictions and allow our heads to stick above the parapet of divisive opinion. 

The single will released on October the 13th. It shall be fully available digitally from all retailers / streaming sites and physically on 7″ vinyl. If you want to get in early and show me your love, you can pre-order a copy of the record for £5 directly from my Bandcamp; just click on the images of the 7″ vinyl below.

You can also pre-save They Don’t Deserve Me on Spotify using the following button. This adds the single to your library, but it won’t be playable until the release day of 13.10.19. Doing so actually does me a huge favour with Spotify’s playlist algorithms so thanks in advance if you choose to do this.

For all other retailers / streaming sites including Amazon and Apple Music, click on the button below (more will be added to the list as distribution progresses).

They Don’t Deserve Me

As I’m sure you have noticed, the artwork to this release is pretty spectacular: a highly stylised portrait of me, painted by Greek born / Edinburgh based artist Constantine. More on that later, but for now suffice to say this record looks even better in the flesh!
Speaking of records, it goes without saying that every single needs a B-side, and what could be more appropriate to back They Don’t Deserve Me than my prize wining song Approach Me Like A Lion. In case you missed it, at the end of 2018 this was chosen by David Bowie’s producer Tony Visconti as the winner of the global Stylophone 50 songwriting competition. For my efforts, I won a crateful of synths among other things, as you can watch below in my unboxing video. However, I always slightly regretted the fact that AMLAL was relegated to a Youtube only release, so I am delighted find a proper home for it, alongside its bigger, meaner brother.

Unboxing video

Finally, They Don’t Deserve Me will not only exist in the sonic realms; it is also getting a full length music video. Whilst I’m still working on post production, those among you following me on social media will have seen four teaser videos throughout this week alluding to the new release. Initially I was just going to leave these on Instagram and Facebook, but they ended up outstripping my immediate expectations, becoming miniature works in their own right and rather different from the final cut. Because of this, I decided to upload them to Youtube for posterity. Watch them below and whet your appetite for what is to come…

T H E Y teaser
D O N ‘ T teaser
D E S E R V E teaser
M E teaser

With two bangers on either side, this single is a trick coin. Heads? You win. Tails? You win too. So next time you go on a terrible date, get roasted on Twitter, fail an exam or get served those divorce papers, perhaps these songs will be there to remind you that whilst they don’t deserve me, maybe, just maybe, they don’t deserve you either.
More news to follow