Pre-save Hungry and hunger for me no more

Oliver Richard 2018

In case you missed it, I am due to release my new single Hungry on November the 2nd and it is now available to pre-save on Spotify…

What does that mean? Basically, you click a couple of buttons and Hungry shall be added to your Spotify playlist and will remain there, pending like a boiled egg in hot waters until 2.11.18, when it will activate and become listenable. This does me a huge favour as it increases the chance of my music being exposed to new listeners via Spotify’s algorithms for fresh releases.

Click the button below to pre-save or enter your email:

For non-Spotify users, following the pre-save link also gives you the option of entering your email instead. This address gets added to my mailing list. Why bother? Read on…

As an incentive, anyone that pre-saves Hungry or enters their email will have the chance to win a signed copy of my previous record White Finger on vinyl (or cd if you prefer), along with a handwritten lyric sheet and a download card for Triggerfish (there are no Triggerfish 7″ records. That sold out a long time ago. You weren’t a good enough fan to buy it when I was struggling, so you don’t deserve it now, even though I am still struggling).

Click the button below to pre-save or enter your email:

Hungry will ultimately be released across all digital platforms (Apple Music, iTunes, Deezer etc.) on 2.11.18.
More news to come,
Much love