New Record, New Site, New Mailing List

Oliver Richard White Finger CD Photography: Graeme MacDonald 2016

I am pleased to announce the release of my new E.P. “White Finger”.

It was recorded across the winter of 2014-2015 and mastered in the Spring. I spent the next few months shopping for a label before coming to rest on Bull On A Leash Records, UK. “White Finger” is now fully available to stream/download and has been pressed up on 250 CDs and 200 black 10″ records.

-Limited Edition 10″vinyl/CD:



Thanks to for the inspiring and original artwork, Gethin John for making the thing sound so beautiful, and Bull On A Leash for getting this work out there.

The vinyl edition of “White Finger” is still getting pressed, and is due to be delivered before the end of March. First 50 orders will be fulfilled with a download card for my debut 7″ and a handwritten lyric sheet for one of the E.P.’s four songs. All other formats are now available to purchase through my bandcamp/your digital store of choice.

If you are wanting to know more about the process behind the record and its construction, head to the deadweatherdenver blog and read an excellent interview with the lovely Amy:

Finally, my friend James has hooked me up with a new website. Take a look around. If you find anything that you think could be improved/glitches, let me know and I will whip him into action. We’ve aimed to make it as streamlined as possible. If you just want to get to my social media, the buttons on the homepage/bottom of subsequent pages will be all you need. If you want posts with more depth than that of a facebook status or tweet, head to my news section… Everything is fairly self-explanatory. The only completely new feature is my mailing list for all you hardcore fans (cue tumbleweed). At the moment you can subscribe by heading to my contact page and filling in the form OR by going to my homepage and tapping the little letter icon. Put in your name and email and you’re done. You will then, from time to time, receive emails about my music. Quite what I will include isn’t clear to me as of yet, but I will figure it out in due course. Maybe more lengthy, social-media-unfriendly letters and blogs…

Thank you for your support