Hungry Is Out Now!

Oliver Richard - Hungry Single Front Cover (Photography: Alex Holroyd)

Four years ago, I recorded Hungry. Brimming with the wide-eyed enthusiasm of an artist in love with their latest creation, I pedalled my single to label after label looking to secure a release. Along the way, three different doors opened to me, but ultimately each deal fell apart. Demoralised, I watched my work slowly die in the water and became convinced that this music would never make it beyond the realms of live performance.

However, come 2018 and Hungry is loosed, both physically and digitally! What is more, the A-side (Hungry) is coupled with its own music video, shot over the course of three months earlier this year.

Alone with my camera, Drambuie and a razor, I filmed late night weekly sessions, capturing the many varying states of vigour and exhaustion that come with such a solo endeavour. During this, I learned that shaving and lip sync’ing is complicated, and was glad I chose not to use my cut-throat razor for the shoot. Watch Hungry below:

Now that Hungry walks among you, it is free from my mind and I feel better equipped to move into new areas of music. Much has changed for me in the intervening years yet I am still as proud of the songs today as when I recorded them in 2014. Hungry, so gentle, quiet and sobering, and D√©coupage, its hysterical twin, all wild and dissonant. At last you can add these two little songs to your collection. For diehards, there is a limited edition 7″ record, pressed on black vinyl with gloss sleeve. This is available to purchase from my Bandcamp (and live shows).

Click on the image below:

For everyone else, Hungry is available across all digital retailers to stream and download. Click on the link below and choose your preferred musical outlet (Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music, iTunes etc).

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Thank you for all your support,

P.S. It’s a sad song, so if you’re crying it’s working. If you aren’t, maybe you’re dead inside…